Email Forwarding Service

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Welcome to the UC Davis email forwarding service!

If you are a UC Davis graduate, retiree, or have otherwise separated from the campus community, but wish to continue receiving email from your UC Davis email address, you may be eligible for an optional and complimentary service that will forward your email to an external email address of your choice (e.g., This forwarding service will apply only to new incoming email sent to your address after you register.

Graduates who use DavisMail, please see message at bottom of page.

Eligibility and registering a forwarding address
If you are currently affiliated with UC Davis, you may register a forwarding address at any time. If you separated from the campus community on or after the following dates, you are also eligible to register an external email address in the allotted timeframe. So as not to forget, you should do this as soon as possible after your separation.

If you were a and separated on or after you may register an external email address
Faculty Member
May 1, 2005
within 6 months from when you receive notification that your UC Davis mailbox will be deleted
Student June 1, 2005
Staff Member August 1, 2005

To register for the UC Davis email forwarding service, you will prompted to supply the following information:

  • Your full name
  • Your former student or staff ID number
  • Your former UC Davis LoginID and Kerberos password
  • An external email address at which you want to receive your forwarded email
    When you’re ready, simply click on the “Register” button on the left side of this page.

Another consideration at this time, while your UC Davis password is still fresh in your mind, is to take advantage of the Online Password Reset Service.


Special circumstances
If you have separated from UC Davis and currently receive your email:

  • At an external ISP address (e.g.,, you are already registered for the email forwarding service and will be given the opportunity to renew in two years.
  • Through a non-campus email server (i.e.,, you are already registered for the email forwarding service and will be given the opportunity to renew in two years. It is your responsibility to make sure this will continue to be a valid email account.


About your UC Davis email mailbox
When you graduate, retire, or otherwise separate from the campus community, your UC Davis mailbox is deleted according to campus policy, and any email remaining in the mailbox will also be deleted. Remember to make arrangements to copy any data files or other contents from your UC Davis mailbox before it is deleted. Registering an external email address will NOT prevent the contents of your UC Davis mailbox from being automatically deleted in accordance with campus policy.


Students using a DavisMail account
You do not need to use this forwarding service. After you graduate, you will retain free access to DavisMail; please visit at the UC Davis alumni Web site for details (you will not have to join the alumni association to use DavisMail). Your post-graduation account may start showing small text ads.


Questions? need help?
See the FAQ, links, and contact information for the IT Express Computing Help Desk on the left side of this page.